Welcome to our United Voters for America web site!

Our site presents American voters with a clear cut way to actually change how our government is run. Unlike other political organizations, we have no platform, mission statement or any other promises to fight for you – and we do not ask for or accept money from anyone.

Instead, we propose that you inform your fellow citizens about a single law called The American Voter Rights Act (TAVRA). TAVRA is a comprehensive law that gives every American voter unprecedented power to control how our government is run. It spells out precisely how we can use the power of our readily available 21st century technologies to do this.

TAVRA is divided into three sections of rules focused on our legislatures. This is because our legislative branch of government is the most powerful. Its lawmakers control taxing, spending, corporate regulations and all of the other laws we must obey.

Section one: Control over elections to determine who is on a ballot. This section effectively eliminates financial influences on elections from tax dodging multi-millionaires and corporations, and other special interest groups. It will open up serving in government to millions of average income Americans, instead of people who have tens to hundreds of times more personal wealth than the people they claim they understand and want to represent.

Section two: Control over laws through direct voting. This section controls the passage or rejection of laws by American voters. It will give voters direct control over the voting decisions of their lawmakers. This will transform our lawmakers from political mercenaries working for their financial backers, to researchers working for their voters.

Section three: Complete transparency of government spending and limiting it to employ only American citizens. This section will give voters easy access to how tax dollars are spent. It will provide Internet postings of government spending, down to the dollar spent on any item. It will also demand that all government spending be used to only employ American citizens in every way possible. This will quickly create millions of new jobs here in America, instead of foreign countries.

For highlights of each section of TAVRA, click on one of the TAVRA highlight section tab above. For a full version of the proposed law click on the Full TAVRA Law tab.

In addition to TAVRA, we provide you with an easy way to tell if any of your lawmakers or those in the executive branch, such as your Governor or Mayor, actually cares what you think.

However, at this time no law can even be considered by a legislature unless there are members within it who have the honor and integrity to fight for it. While you may hear your elected officials make promises to stop financial corruption in government, promises are not laws! Without laws, nothing can be done! Remember that the people who now make our laws are taking money from the wealthiest people on earth to keep things the way they are!

For this reason, we suggest an easy way to find out if your current lawmakers or candidates to replace them in the next election will actually have the courage to fight for your voter rights. This is a simple questionnaire relating to the three major points of each section of our proposed law. It will clearly identify if your lawmakers from members of Congress to your local community actually have the courage to stand up for your rights as a voter in this 21st century. Click on the QUESTIONNAIRE tab above to learn how to use it.

Dominick Palella, Webmaster betterlaws@sbcglobal.net