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Here you will learn about The American Voter Rights Act (TAVRA). TAVRA is a comprehensive law that will virtually eliminate corporate money influence on our elections and lawmakers once and for all! This law will also give every American unprecedented voting power to decide if a law passes, fails or is repealed. In addition, it will create millions of new jobs for Americans with one simple rule. All of this is possible, because we now have readily available 21st century technologies to transform our government from being run by corporations to one that is actually run by the people!

Regardless of your political ideology, from right to left wing or anything in between, TAVRA provides a common ground of agreement for all American voters. Currently, any political party which just happens to be in majority power at the time can make or block any law.  Why let a political party make any law decision that violates your moral standards or that is actually against your financial welfare? Especially one you never even voted for!

Whether you are for or against Obama Care, pro-life or pro-choice, for or against gun control, we have been letting political parties make decisions for us (or do absolutely nothing!) for far too long! Now is the time for us to make decisions for ourselves, and let every one of our votes actually count for something. This is how our 21st century democracy can and should be run - by majority rule of the people!

TAVRA is divided into three sections of rules focused on our legislatures. This is because our legislative branch of government is the most powerful. It controls taxing, spending, corporate regulations and other definitions of laws.

Section one: Control over elections to determine who is on a ballot. This section effectively eliminates financial influences on elections from all corporations and secretly funded special interest groups. It will open up serving in government to millions of average income Americans, instead of only our wealthiest citizens. We must remember that serving in elective office usually requires only two basic qualifications – age and length of residency in the voting district. You do not have to be a lawyer or a career politician, but only be able to communicate your ideas well to others!

Section two: Control over bills becoming laws through direct voting. This section controls the passage or rejection of laws by American voters. It will give voters direct control over the voting decisions of their lawmakers. This will transform our lawmakers from political mercenaries working for their financial backers, to researchers working for their voters. Instead of political bickering, they will spend their time researching the pros and cons of proposed or past laws. This will help their constituents to make informed decisions to accept or reject new laws, and to repeal bad laws.

Section three: Complete transparency of government spending and limiting it to employ only American citizens. This section will give voters easy access to how tax dollars are spent. It will provide Internet postings of government spending, down to the dollar spent on any item. It will also demand that all government spending be used to only employ American citizens in every way possible. For example, whenever a telephone, computer, copy machine or a bull dozer is used in government service, it must be made in America!  This will quickly create millions of new jobs here in America, instead of foreign countries.

For highlights of each section of TAVRA, click on one of the three section tabs above. For a full version of the proposed law click on the Full TAVRA Law tab.

However, at this time no law can even be considered by a legislature unless there are members within it who have the honor and integrity to fight for it. While you may hear your elected officials make promises to stop financial corruption in government, promises are not laws! Without laws, nothing can be done! Remember that the people who now make our laws are taking money from the wealthiest people on earth to keep things the way they are!

For this reason, we provide you with an easy way to find out if your current lawmakers or candidates to replace them in the next election will actually have the courage to fight for your voter rights. This is a simple questionnaire relating to the three major points of each section of our proposed law. It will clearly identify if your lawmakers from members of Congress to your local community actually have the courage to stand up for your rights as a voter in this 21st century. Click on the QUESTIONNAIRE tab above to learn how to use it.

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